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The Purpose of Leadership Amplified

Leadership Amplified is a podcast to inspire leaders to get more impact with their teams, to promote inclusion, and to make leadership more satisfying.

My philosophy is that leadership is only valuable if it is a resource for the organisation. It is a resource when teams and individuals benefit from being led. The podcast is a practical way to engage and inspire leaders by refocusing the work of leadership as service to teams and the organisation.

Emerging inclusive leadership frameworks and practices

Gender bias and how to beat it

The value of coaching to leadership and to inclusive leadership in particular

Regulating the leader's energy and motivation to perform at their best

Podcast episodes are a mix of interviews, book readings and information sessions, and approximately 20 to 30 minutes long. Interviews are with CEOs, leaders and academics who share their wisdom through stories, research and case studies.

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Guest Appearances on Podcasts

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#IWD Choose to Challenge celebration podcast

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day and I was pleased to riff with Rohan Dredge and Mike Hardie about  how to “Beat Gender Bias”.  

According to Rohan, this show will give you two big things. Firstly it will give you optimism and hope that we can all be part of the change that needs to take place. Secondly, it will give you practical steps to make the personal changes that need to take place as well as the more substantive, organisational changes, that need to occur.  👌👌 – that’s just what I’m aiming for!

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Beat Gender Bias in your workplace

Delighted to share this recent (and our 2nd) conversation with with super-host David Frizzell from Team Guru. His summary of our conversation was a highlight of my week: ‘we should focus our energies on being better representatives of ourselves and the world we hope to live in whenever we have the opportunity to do so’. 👏👏

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Phone Calls with Clever People Podcast with Shane Hatton

In this podcast conversation with Shane I speak about Beat Gender Bias, and my motivation for writing the book.

We talk about what bias is, how it impacts decisions, and in particular, we discuss what men can do to be part of the conversation.

I enjoyed my conversation with Shane: we were able to discuss the often-times challenging topics of bias and gender with a curiosity and interest that made it such a pleasure.

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Synergen Leadership Podcast

Episode highlights include

  • Why Karen decided to write this book
  • How coaching realises potential, and the four main forms of mind
  • Elements of Coaching Presence
  • Creating a coaching culture
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The Extraordinary Business Book Club

“Karen Morley knew there’d be no problem writing about the principles of leading like a coach, and she found it relatively easy to structure her ideas and practice into a methodology. But how to bring that alive for a reader?

The answer, of course, was to use stories, and Karen developed a brilliant system of writing as reflection woven into day-to-day practice that allowed her to find the stories as they happened and transform them into business book gold. Find out how in this fascinating conversation.”

Team Guru Podcast

Episode 107 – A great leader must be a great coach with Karen Morley

“When Karen coaches people leaders she creates a distinction between management and leadership. She emphasizes different kinds of authority. You can be a bigger person and a bigger leader if you allow other people to identify solutions.”

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NAWO - In Conversation

“In this podcast, I speak to Dr Karen Morley about the book she has just released called Beat Gender Bias: How to play a better part in a more inclusive world. It is the best book I have read on the topic of bias in quite some time and we have a fabulous chat about the really practical approach this book takes to beat it.

The ability to call out bias and prevent the negative impact of it on decision making is fundamental to all Nine Levers and that is why we have opened our Podcast series with this very important conversation with Karen. We hope you enjoy it and certainly hope you put Karen’s book at the top of your reading list!”

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